A slightly offensive creative agency 

A:  Hey M, what are you up to next year? 
M:  Probably starting an agency. You? 
A:  Me too. Wanna do it together?
M: ︎ 

It wasn’t harder than that. We were curious of what would happen if we combined fantastic + spectacular. So we did, and here we are. Totally mad, and sometimes relying on luck.

Here’s a list of things we are

︎ Photographers
︎ Award winning business builders
︎ Social anthropologists
︎ Art school dropouts
︎ Copywriters
︎ Erotica authors ︎
︎ Influencers
︎ (Barista! Barista!) Antifascistas

Here’s a list of things we do

︎ Spectacular PR
︎ Graphic design
︎ Delicious music videos
︎ Branding
︎ Delicious videos in general
︎ Social media campaigns that aren’t lame AF
︎ That hype you need

We’re picky eaters, but if you’re awesome  – don’t be shy.

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