Personalized Influencer Marketing for Sustainable Brands

Stories have been a part of human culture ever since we started developing speech. We know that the most impactful way to reach out is by telling stories that spark emotions. In that sense, we are like many other influencer marketing agencies. The difference is – we won’t tell stories we don’t believe in.

We’re in an emerging movement; customers urge companies to be conscious and take social and environmental responsibility. We support and encourage that change. Our mission is to connect sustainable brands with the right audience, in order to make society sustainable again.

We represent sustainable influencers within different segments. We’ve handpicked the most creative, professional and inspiring in each category. We are here to make the best of your marketing idea, find the right channels for your purpose and connect you with the best suited influencer. Check them out! ︎



Evelina Utterdahl a.k.a. Earth wanderess has a background as travel influencer, with a long experience from collaborating with different tourism boards and organizations. In January 2018 Evelina decided to stop flying due to climate change. Evelina is born in Gothenburg, Sweden, and is a full time traveller and gives you new perspectives on how to change your lifestyle to become more climate friendly. Check out her Instagram to see where she is at the moment. Evelina is open for collaborations and public speeches.



Elin Wallin a.k.a. Studio Elwa has worked as an interior designer and set stylist for many years. She has a specific talent to make a room feel warm and welcoming with colours and textiles, without buying new. You’ve seen her work in nameworthy magazines and websites. We suggest you take a look at her Instagram feed for inspiration when you’re looking for change, and want to be kind to our nature.

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