Hyped startup founder and influential sustainability blogger teams up and launches a creative agency.

Maria De La Croix, founder and former CEO of the hyped café chain Wheelys Cafe and Alejandra Cerda – one of Swedens top sustainable fashion blogger - has just launched the somewhat offensive creative agency, Mad Luck.

“We both have extensive marketing experience from working with some of the biggest Scandinavian brands, but in different constellations. Since we both hate men and love to make stupid ass shit that people actually care about we asked ourselves, why not do it together, and change the pale male-dominated industry.” said founder and creative director Alejandra Cerda.

“99% of the advertising industry is so freaking boring. The majority of the marketing and communications produced, by white middle-class men, makes me wanna go to sleep and never wake up. Still, they get to make most decisions, and are the ones getting the most cash money. At Mad Luck we’re living la vida loca, at our company we’re turning the tables, for instance, women are paid 30% more than the men. Ha ha, pay back time” laughes Maria De La Croix.

“Yes, what she said, my genius partner in crime. We might be young but we have more experiences than most could ever dream of. I’ve done pretty much everything between erotica novels to run Sweden’s top sustainable fashion blog, in addition to that I experience life as a woman of colour everyday which gives me perspectives those average Joes could ever dream of. I’m tired of the male domination and white hegemony, we’re here to reshape the industry and we don’t care if we happen to offend someone.” Alejandra Cerda adds.

“We’re not interested in doing generic bullshit advertising. There is already plenty of people out there doing so.” De La Croix ends.

Mad Luck is a creative agency, focusing on helping nice but wussy companies that wants to be bolder. Watch out advertising industry, here comes trouble.

Alejandra Cerda has a background in social anthropology, is a published author, a well known voice in the Swedish podcast scene, and runs the award-winning sustainable fashion blog Jandi Heart Eco. Cerda likes to stir up controversy – when needed.

Maria De La Croix has a background in fine arts and co-founded Wheelys - a global chain of organic bike cafés and mobile shops, currently the fastest growing café chain in the world. Wheelys was recently awarded the Financial Times Boldness In Business awards and De La Croix has been featured in global business media like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Wired and Financial Times.


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